The Twins



The Twins are two crystal skulls who are connected to each other at the back of their heads.
These skulls have been carved from nephrite, which is a kind of jade.
The Twins are hollow on the inside for an important reason that will be explained further down this page.
A very noticeable detail is the shamanistic mask both faces have at the location of the third eye chakra.

They originate from a Mongolian temple, where they have served as religious and ceremonial relics.
According to academic research, the Twins are thought to be between 2500 and 6000 years old.
At some point in time they left the temple, but throughout the centuries they have always been used as ceremonial relics.
All these experiences and interactions with countless people over time, have made them what they are today:

A very ancient and powerful shamanistic energy.

Scroll down if you want to know right now how the Twins work and what you can do yourself with the new Leandro Twins

Why the Twins came to me

During the summer of 2016, my wife Vera and I met Kathleen Murray. I immediately felt there was a special bond between us and we wanted to invite Kathleen to come and give her “Crystal Keys” and “Crystal Skulls” workshops here in Ghent.

Until then I had spent only little time working with crystal skulls. This in contrast to Vera, who has a lot of experience working with crystal skulls. She organizes crystal skull based mediations on a regular basis.
However, when Kathleen introduced us to her personal crystal skulls during a Skype conversation, I immediately knew the Twins would end up with me. Well, how does one just know such a thing?

Shortly afterwards Kathleen came to visit us for personal reasons. During the week she was in Ghent I meditated a lot with the Twins. I even slept with them and used them in a healing session.
Physically, emotionally and spiritually a lot of things started happening to me.
I could not deny it: there obviously was a very strong and deep connection between me and the Twins.
At the time I did not mention this to Kathleen. I decided to let nature run its course.

Until I met Kathleen I had never met somebody who could apply spirituality to daily life as well as she did. She lived for crystals and crystal skulls. To channel information, she did not even had to meditate or get into a trance. Her channels were continuously opened.

One early morning she told me she had received a message from her spirit guides saying the Twins had to be passed on to me. According to this message I was supposed to combine my expertise on acupuncture with the spiritual world, to help even more people. The message told me a shamanistic path was opening up for me.
Kathleen then asked me, clearly touched with sadness, whether I wanted to become the next guardian of the Twins. Of course it was now my turn to feel deeply touched….

A couple of months later Kathleen came to visit again, this time to give workshops and healings. It was then that she officially passed over the guardianship of the Twins to me, at which point she already was terminally ill.

“Kathleen, I feel a huge amount of gratitude for what you have meant for us at the very end of your life.”

Shocking Experience

When I started working with the Twins, I had the feeling things started moving way too fast and way too intense. It felt as if my whole life had been turned upside down. I did not know who I was anymore or what it was I wanted. Just thinking about the Twins was enough to trigger a shaking sensation throughout my entire body. During meditations, my body would sometimes be shaking so severely that it hurt. I must admit it scared me a little.
At the same time it became clear to me that I had to make a decision, either go all the way with this or don’t go at all. I then took a short break from working with the Twins and we left each other alone. When things had calmed down a bit I carefully started working with them again.

I received help
One day I was invited by Phillipe, a psychiatrist who also works with crystal skulls and has a lot of experience with shamanism.
He examined the Twins and tuned in on their energy. His conclusion largely confirmed what I already suspected: "the Twins are not crystal skulls, they are energy, ancient shamanistic energy. If you want to work with them you have to give it 100% or don’t do it at all."
It meant I would have to turn over my life and be completely at the service of this energy. At the same time I also felt I would be cared for and helped along the way.
Phillip advised me to perform certain rituals to help me get a more cleare picture of exactly what it was that was expected from me. After I carried out these rituals, he told me, I could still decide whether I wanted to go through with it or not.

At around the same time I received a letter from Kevin. Kevin had spent many years in monasteries living with Buddhist monks. When he sent me the letter Kevin was in Italy on a bicycle tour across Europe. Kevin had meditated twice with the Twins and had been quickly impressed by them. During the second meditation he received several clear messages that were addressed to me. If I wanted to learn what the messages said, Kevin would be happy to write them down for me when he found the right serene atmosphere to do it in.
The high mountains of the Alps provided just the right background and Kevin wrote me a letter in beautiful calligraphy style writing. The message I received from him was practically the same as the messages I had already received via Phillipe. Wow, this could no longer be a coincidence. The only question was: did I feel brave enough to take the plunge?

A little while later we visited a woman in the South of England, named Gillian.
Gillian is the guardian of two other relics that originate from the same Mongolian temple as the Twins.
One of them is called Cimmy, a large, hollow jade crystal skull. The other is As-K-Ra, an entire skeleton made out of one piece of jade.
Gillian had always worked closely together with Kathleen, making this a rather emotionally laden visit to us.
During our stay with Gillian I learned a lot about the ‘circle of jade crystal skulls’, "the circle of As-K-Ra". This circle of skulls reminded me of the legend of the 13 ancient crystal skulls and I felt there were some similarities. As-K-Ra definitely was the center piece of this jade circle, radiating a very intense, serene and ancient energy. Beautiful yet impressive and awe inspiring at the same time.
During one mediation, Gillian had placed a large gong behind As-K-Ra. This created such intense vibrations that I felt as if I was levitating for a moment. This profound experience truly marked a point of no return for me and at that very moment I wholeheartedly accepted the Twins and the path that lay ahead of me.

How the Twins work

Over the centuries there has been a lot of speculation on how the Twins work. The questions “why are they hollow?” and “why are they two-headed?” have always been especially of interest.
Kathleen used to talk about the concept of duality, represented here by a front side and a back side. It also represents the idea that somebody ‘always has your back’. Additionally, Kathleen also mentioned two cupids.
The very first time I held the Twins, I instinctively placed them ‘between’ my hands, with their faces oriented left and right.
The fingers of the hands perfectly fit into the grooves that run along the top of their heads, from the front to the back. This way of holding them feels very natural to me. After having worked with the Twins for a while now, I share most of Kathleen’s experiences. What I want to do now, is go beyond those experiences and share my own experiences. I’ll try to explain how and why:

Sitting down
When you are sitting down you can hold the Twins between your hands and place them on your second chakra. This is a good way to connect more deeply with yourself and it provides a pleasant meditation experience.

Lying down (in my opinion the best way)
Lie down and rest your elbows on the ground. Place the Twins between your hands, fitting your fingers into the grooves on their heads. This way you will create a space between the Twins and yourself. This space holds the highest amounts of energy.
By holding the Twins above one of your chakras the energy of that chakra will swirl around inside cavity of the Twins, merging your own energy with that of the Twins and healing the chakra in that process. Alternatively, you can send the energy of the Twins into your body by moving them very slowly across your body from left to right or from top to bottom. Try to do this intuitively, with feeling, and you may become aware of its influence on diverse systems throughout your body. The energy will not always stay right where you beamed it in, but might flow through the entire system of meridians, organs etc…
I always find this to be an extraordinary experience.

Third eye
At the location of the third eye both sides of the Twins have the markings of a shamanistic mask carved into the surface of the skull. These masks guard the entrance to a gate. When you place the skull in such a way that one of these masks connects with your third eye, you will be able to enter the gate quite easily. What you will find behind the gate, will differ from person to person.

What exactly do the Twins stand for?
The main role the Twins fulfill within the circle of As-K-Ra, is that of “duality”. You could also call it “interaction” or “conflict”.
Life itself is all about duality. The entire cosmos is duality. A famous way to express duality is via the principle of yin-yang. Two opposing forces that are continuously interacting with each other.
Without this interaction nothing could exist.
We all carry some form of conflict within us, both within our consciousness and between our consciousness and our subconsciousness.
The Twins will set these processes in motion and show you what your true self has to say to you.
The orientation of the two faces is closely related to this and very important. I’d like to think about the two sides representing a male and a female aspect. A male, direct side and a female, softer, gentler side.
At the start I always used to orient the male side to the left (the side with which we receive), because it needed more development and growth first. After several months, my male, left side was more in touch with my female side. Now it differs from moment to moment how I like to orient the Twins, it completely depends on the process I am in at that particular moment.

Leandro Twin Skulls
Now that you know a little bit more about the energetic functioning of the Twins, you may feel the desire to start working with such a crystal skull yourself.
We asked Brazilian master carver Leandro to create new crystal Twin skulls who are tuned in to the energy of the original jade Twins.
As soon as people started meditating with these Leandro designed Twins, it was clear that these modern nieces and nephews of the ancient Twins work in exactly the same way.
If you feel the call of these crystal skulls or have any further questions about them, please do not hesitate to contact me.
You can read more about the spiritual journey of The Twins on Facebook. You can also find Leandro Twin Skulls on that page and a closed group where people can share there experiences with the Leandro Twin Skulls.

Enjoy the Leandro Twins!


Academic research has confirmed that the Twins originate from a Mongolian temple and has estimated their age to be between 2500 and 6000 years old.
A lot of tribal warfare was going on in the Mongolian / Chinese region during that part of history, so temples frequently changed ‘owners’. This makes it very hard to determine exactly where the Twins came from. What we do know is that shamanism always has been a significant part of Mongolian daily life, even during times of war.

This means it is very likely that the Twins have been used by countless shamans during their rituals. It is even possible they came into the possession of Dzjenghis Khan sometime during the 12th century. Besides being a famous and feared warlord, Dzjengis Khan also was thought to be a very spiritual person collecting numerous spiritually related artefacts.
Unbeknownst to one another, several previous guardians of the 8 jade skulls have claimed they have been in contact with the spirit of Dzjengis Khan. I personally have no experiences yet on this matter, so I can only share what I have heard from others.

The Twins were found in a temple together with 7 other Jade objects.
Most of them were hollow crystal skulls. Besides these crystal skulls there was one extremely rare object, being an entire 1 meter long skeleton carved out of a single piece of jade. This skeleton is known as As-K-Ra.
After they were found they came into possession of a Vietnamese family who also used them as spiritual tools during mediations and ceremonies.
In 1999 one Mr Ho, a representative of the Vietnamese family, contacted several people who worked with crystal skulls. The time had come to share these jade skulls with the rest of the world. Finding the right persons to work with these skulls was not an easy task, as it was crucial the energy of the to-be guardians matched the skulls’.
Eventually it was decided Kirby Seid, guardian of the ancient crystal skull Sha Na Ra, was to be the new guardian of the jade skulls. Kirby in turn, contacted Kathleen, who at first became the guardian of a crystal skull called Jade.

Four years later it turned out the Vietnamese family had held back one skull, the Twins. They too ended up with Kathleen, again via Kirby.
Kathleen has used her crystal skulls Jade, Sammie and the Twins, among others, during many workshops and ceremonies all over the world.
The Twins especially were always loved very much…